Free Customized Letter: Known to eradicate all bad “personal identifiers” that may be attached to your negative items

Let us craft your first letter known to delete & remove Negative items inaccurately reporting from your Credit Report for FREE

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Did you know that a lot of people have a Minimum of at least 4 to 5 different addresses, phone numbers, and even work addresses and phone numbers of different jobs which could cause your scores to drop and or be affected?

Your First Simple Step To Enrich Your Credit Score..

This Powerful Letter helps you eradicate all bad “personal identifiers” that may be attached to your negative items.

This 1 letter alone has seen Bankruptcies, Tax Liens & MORE be wiped clean from credit reports!

We will custom craft this powerful letter for you so that when you see results you can use our services in the future and hopefully refer us too!

We will Professionally Create your Personal Identifiers Letter and Provide you with instructions on how to send the letters via Mail & fax.

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"So What's The Catch?"

You may be asking yourself "So What's The Catch?" The truth is most credit repair companies want to stick you in a monthly program forever!

You can learn to do this yourself & increase your score in the next 30-45 days by taking action today.

Considering how important your credit is, you certainly would hope that someone is ensuring your credit report reflects legitimate and accurate information.

But the sad truth is NOBODY is watching this for you at all. You are the ONLY person involved with your credit who benefits from your credit profile being positive and accurate.

My goal is not to keep you in credit repair forever as this is just a bridge to our business funding program that helps people start and scale the dream business with $50k-$100k at 0% Interest Business Credit.


Patrick Py

Your Credit Coach

CREATE Your Free Customized Letter Known To Eradicate All Bad “Personal Identifiers” That May Be Attached To Your Negative Items Now!

In case you're one of those people who (like me) just skips to the end of the page, here's the deal...

We Will Professionally Create Your Personal Identifiers Letter And Provide You With Instructions On How To Send The Letters!

That way when you get results you can use our services in the future and refer us new clients as well, its a WIN-WIN.

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