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Discover why we’re the preferred credit-repair partner for mortgage lenders and real estate agents.

Specializing in creating qualified homebuyers for real estate professionals

Credit Is The Money has one mission - to help you close more loans. To do it, we provide the expert, diligent, and affordable assistance for your credit-challenged clients so they can qualify for a mortgage as quickly as possible.

So if you’ve been disappointed by the performance of other credit-repair agencies, you’ll find comfort in knowing we were, too. In fact, that’s one of the reasons we created Credit Is The Money


A turnkey solution you can trust

To create our turnkey solution, we made major investments in infrastructure and staffing to ensure we’re the best credit-repair partner in America for large and small mortgage companies, individual mortgage brokers, and real estate agents.

When you refer a client who’s been denied a mortgage due to poor credit, you’ll enjoy these five transformational benefits:

A dedicated credit professional focused on your clients, who will coach them diligently to qualify them for a mortgage loan as rapidly as possible.

Customized coaching, based on the client’s credit profile, to put them on the fast-track to a sufficiently high credit score.

Reliable score updates – credit reports and scores from all three bureaus are provided to your clients with each round of service, so we can indicate the areas they need to work on with us.

Responsible but aggressive repair tactics – disputing up to 21 items per round, or up to 7 per credit bureau.

A secure professional portal where you can access real-time information 24/7 on the progress of the clients you refer to us


Reliably fast and affordable service

Faster mortgage qualification

At Credit Is The Money, we help you reach your goals with a fast-track process. On average our clients complete the program within 6 months. As a result, you’ll be on the fast track to making homeownership a reality.

Affordable for your clients.

Each update includes 3 credit scores and as a result, the clients you refer to us will be grateful from the time you refer them and they start to work with us through the time they qualify for a loan and purchase their home.

Free for lenders and real estate agents

Becoming a credit-repair partner with us costs you nothing, ever.

We will continue to nurture your client and keep your services top of mind during the entire process.


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